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The music, the movies, the fashions, the dancing, the video games, and of course...THE HAIR!  Relive the decade of decadence with 80s INVASION, a live music experience that will transport you to a simpler time when MTV played music videos, E.T. phoned home, and Ferris Bueller took a day off.


80s INVASION entertains audiences of all ages with an interactive, high-energy, multi-media show that is as unforgettable as the decade they pay tribute to.

The complete 80s INVASION production (including concert sound, staging, trussing, lighting, video screens, a live video jockey & more) can be scaled down and customized for club shows and private events.  See below to learn more.

The Performers

The Production

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"The perfect show for fairs, festivals & concerts in the park!"

For booking information call now: (805) 658-6593

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